Career and training

"Make your work be filled with life, and not your life filled with work" - Kurt Cobain.

Who we are looking for

At the moment, we are recruiting a team of salespeople for the Real Estate Sales Department at the company, Estate Family, which website you are now on.

Please send your application and CV via email: or come and visit us at our offices at:
Brīvības gatve 214 M, Room 418, Riga, Latvia, LV-1039

A career at Business Family Group

The group of companies, Business Family Group, was established to provide jobs to the maximum number of people and, therefore, our company is experiencing continuous growth and development.

Our doors are always open for people of all ages, religions, and nationalities.
Your professional skills are certainly important for us as employers. However, what we value most are your personal qualities, such as honesty, decency, and purposefulness. It is easier to make a competent employee from a good man, rather than vice versa.

The Business Family Group company will also be happy to welcome legal entities which are focused on the creative conduction of their business, with proposals for mutually beneficial partnerships and long-term cooperation.

If we suit you and you suit us, we would be happy to welcome you to our big and friendly family.


This is why our company aims to help its employees to set large and even great goals. We believe in people and think that people are capable of much bigger accomplishments than those for which we were prepared at school - "to have a decent job for a decent salary".

If someone carries out their work with pleasure and is ready to contribute all their energy to it, and not just their time, then their work stops being just a job but becomes their BUSINESS to do, which is something that anyone will be happy to do when they come to work.

"Make your work be filled with life, and not your life filled with work!" - Kurt Cobain.

And remember - "Together, we can do much more...!"