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Searching for new brave heroes

Dear friends, we are happy to be able to announce great news to you. In April the ESTATE FAMILY agency will start searching for new brave heroes who are ready to change the world around them for the better.
Our entire team is looking forward to meeting people who, even at such difficult times as we may be experiencing today, have not forgotten how to dream. People who, in spite of their ordeals, have not forgotten how to be honest, decent, and kind. People who are not swallowed up by greed, self-interest, and hatred towards people and the outside world.
We need like-minded people who, like us, have not ceased to believe in people and can still see the best in them.
We need heroes who understand that lies, betrayal, and greed are enemies of our society, all of which we, together, have to fight against. Every day.
Putting it simply, good, decent, and honest people, we are looking for you. Come and work together with us. Together, we can do much more!

Briefly, I would also like to say a few words about those people in whom we are not interested.
Dishonest, unethical, unfair people, who do not respect others, themselves, nature, their country, their planet, the environment, animals...
Putting it simply, bad, unethical, and dishonest people need not apply.

For everyone else, having read the first part of this message, if you have recognised yourself and want to become part of our family...

Here is a list of our requirements: do not be afraid of working hard, be disciplined, have good manners, be friendly, think big, believe in the result, believe in the company, do not be afraid of encountering difficulties, do not be afraid of undertaking responsibility, be proactive, possess a wish to help people, possess a wish to evolve as a person, possess a wish to achieve the set goals, possess a wish to change your life and the lives of people around you for the better.
In a nutshell - "Do not be afraid to believe". This is about all you need in order to work with our agency.
All other skills and tools will be provided to you.

Successful candidates who have passed the interview for the position of estate agent will be listed for courses where, over the one week of their duration, they will explore topics such as the art of sales, legal support for transactions, property taxation, advertising, psychology, motivation, goal setting, and planning, and will also receive practical training.
At the end of the course, candidates for the position will pass an exam which confirms their professional suitability, upon the successful completion of which they will find themselves being employed.

The ESTATE FAMILY estate agency is a part of the Business Family Group.
When working with any of our companies, our employees have plenty of opportunities for career development, from agent to partner (a co-owner of the business itself).

Currently, our group consists of five companies:
ART FAMILY – a universal art and animation studio
CONSTRUCTION FAMILY – a construction company
ESTATE FAMILY – a property agency
IT FAMILY – information technology
SERVICE FAMILY – a service company

Please send your application and CV via email: or come and visit us at our offices at:
Brīvības gatve 214 M, Room 418, Riga, Latvia, LV-1039