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In fact, it is not at all difficult to select the appropriate option and consider all of the potential nuances before buying...

But without the specific knowledge and experience required, this process can take a lot of time which, as is well known, is something that cannot be bought for any amount of money.

However, by using our agency time indeed can be bought!
Contact us for help on all matters which are related to finding and purchasing your real estate property, and invest your time into more profitable activities such as, for example, being able to devote your extra free time to your family or to the work you can do better than others, earning more than you could save on the process of searching for property and handling the associated paperwork.

Our specialists will help youto solve any issues in the proper way

  • We will find a property that meets your requirements
  • We will check the technical condition of the property
    With the help of our construction professionals from the Construction Family.
  • We will check the legal status of the property
    With regards to liens, encumbrances, property rights, debts, persons who have declared their place of residence there, etc.
  • We will request a discount for you
    If the price of the property you’ve found does not correspond to the market price or is unreasonably excessive.
  • We will prepare all of the necessary contracts
    Which may be required to process a transaction, such as an earnest money contract, a contract of sale, a contract of intent, a preliminary contract, agreements, acceptance certificates, and other agreements.
  • We will arrange a mortgage loan for you
    For the property you wish to acquire by using our partners at Citadele Bank, who will provide the best mortgage rates possible.
  • We will hold all of the necessary negotiations on your behalf
    With the seller or their representatives, taking into account all of your interests.
  • We will represent all of your interests
    With state institutions, municipalities, notary offices, and also Land Register offices, Land Services, construction authorities, town councils, and other institutions.

The service cost is 1.5 %of the transaction amount plus VAT.
(minimum cost 500 EUR + VAT)

Sign up for a free consultation and then reach an informed decision about whether this level of service is right for you.

You can make an appointment by phone: (+371) 20 777 007or by filling out the order form and we will contact you shortly.

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