Selling your real estate property

We save your time and guarantee a result that will suit you.

Sell your real estate with our helpat a price that meets your expectations

We will organise the right approach for you, one that will allow you to realise the most advantageous price for your real estate sales, and one which will also provide you with the most secure and worry-free procedure in terms of your sale-or-purchase transaction.

How do we do it?We conduct transactions faster and smarter!

1. We will inspect your property and will check the documentation.

2. We will conduct an analysis of the property market for you and will determine the maximum value and the minimum terms for your property.

3. We will conclude a contract with you for the provision of our services.

4. We will organise an advertising campaign.

5. We will bring a buyer to you. We will make a presentation. We will sell.

6. We will arrange the deal and ensure that the money safely reaches your account.

If you start doing,
see it through to the end.
The aim of our agency is to sell your real estate property at the highest possible price, whilst not extending the length of the sales process.

The advantagesof working with us

  • Increasing the value of your property
    When selling any real estate property, our experts reveal all its possible advantages, which allow the price of the subject of any sale to be increased to its maximum possible value.
  • New opportunities
    As we have our own construction company, we can eliminate deficiencies in your apartment, house, or office, as well as handling pre-sales preparation that will significantly increase the sales price.
  • Extra comfort
    Our company is an official partner of Citadele Bank. We can offer mortgage lending services to the buyers we attract. Very often, the provision of funds at good rates and with the right repayment terms for the buyer is one of the key points when choosing property, something that, quite naturally, will help the buyer to make a choice in favour of the property we are selling rather than that of a competitor.
  • Complete service
    When acquiring a property through our company, the buyer will receive a number of bonuses, including free transaction support. This means that our specialist will resolve any issues or problems which may arise for the buyer which could run the risk of significantly delaying completion of the transaction and increase registration costs. Taking advantage of our experience and partner agreements with appraisers, insurers, banks, and notaries, we can relieve the buyer of unnecessary hassle, whilst not charging them for such help. Our full service for the buyer is also an additional reason for choosing your property with us rather than from our competitors.

The service cost is 5 %of the transaction amount plus VAT.

Sign up for a free consultation and then reach an informed decision about whether this level of service is right for you.

You can make an appointment by phone: (+371) 20 777 007or by filling out the order form and we will contact you shortly.

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